Olive oil & Ingredients

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Exclusive organic olive oil:

  • Origin of the olives: olive groves from Os de Balaguer, Lleida, Catalonia, Spain
  • Type of oil: extra virgin (<0.1% acidity!!!)
  • Mode of cultivation: Traditional culture, organic
  • Olive species: only one, Arbequina
  • Nitrates?: No chemical nitrates
  • Harvest: Handy harvest
  • Location of the mill: Same village as the olive groves, no transport along European roads
  • Day of olive pressure: Same day of the harvest
  • Type of pressure: Mechanical, cold (<27 degrees)
  • Day of bottling: December 2017
  • Refined?: The oil is NOT refined, it’s a real olive juice!
  • Filtered?: The oil is filtered to avoid early oxydation


  • Origin: Switzerland (Canton Ticino)
  • Producer: Biohonig Sauter
  • Quality: organic, BIOSUISSE
  • Type of flowers: linden tree, chestnut, Mountain flowers
  • Altitude: 800 too 2000 m
  • Zone: No industrial zones

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