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Aceite Juventud ORGANIC: Extra virgin olive oil (10.2018) 500ml / 2.5l

Aceite Juventud ORGANIC: Extra virgin olive oil (10.2018) 500ml / 2.5l

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We are pleased to offer one of the most offering polyphenol olive oils (antioxidants found to be useful against cell degeneration) in the world in our shop.


This season 2018/2019, the oil contains 702 mg / kg of polyphenols (official method of calculation recognized by the IOC, international olive council - Always ask the fact sheets, because some companies measure the polyphenol levels with tabs which give results much higher than the official method, when the rates exceed 500mg / kg, we must be sure of what we buy, no place to lie).


If you believe you know the taste of olive oil, you will be surprised.



This oil, extracted in late October 2018 from Cornicabra olives when they were still green will give you the smell of freshly cut grass, citric and fennel. Its green color as lime skin is homogeneous because it is filtered on the oil extraction line. Its filtration allows it to be kept much longer.


Taste sweet on the lips, spicy in the throat with a slight return of bitterness in retro-nasal thanks to its amount of antioxidants. It reveals a taste of green almond and hazelnut.


A real explosion in the mouth.


To taste on a cod fillet, a beetroot salad or simply to consume on an empty stomach 20g for its beneficial effects or simply to apply directly on the skin. You will use one third of this Juventud oil (youth in Spanish) compared to common olive oils. It is a real condiment. A juice more than a disgusting oil in the mouth.


We are grateful to Mar Luna Villacanas from La Escuela de Cata Europea (olive oil tasting school), Carlos and Oscar Tapiador from Finca la Oliveta, who carry out, in the making of this elixir, a work of knowledge and worthy elaboration. from a laboratory.


We also thank them very much for giving us confidence in the distribution of their product in Switzerland.




Chemical Analysis and Nutrition Facts 2017 (2018 will be coming soon)


Data on oleocanthal 2017 (2018 will be available soon)

To keep between 14-18 degrees, ideally in the cellar, like a good wine.

We recommend filling a smaller bottle that you keep close to you, regularly to avoid deterioration of the oil.  Depending on availability, stocks go down very quickly Opaque glass bottle, white paint 500ml Or on option metal bottle 2 orifices 2.5l. Choose from the drop-down band



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