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Baume régénérant 65ml

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This balm was ideally made respecting the real needs of your skin.

We used only two ingredients: Organic olive oil virgin extra (extraction made in 12/17 in Os de Balaguer, Lleida, Catalonia, Spain) and organic beeswax (collected in Spruga, Bio Honig Sauter, Tessin, Switzerland).

The balm is a body oil. It is really rich. It will be perfect to be used on all your body and hair. It will also be the perfect choice for frequent face skin care or to repair dry hands.

Olive oil virgin extra is full of natural antioxydants and helps the skin to repair the small wounds and to recreate the skin layers.

Beeswax will be loved for its soothening and humectant power.

Because of its fat consistency, just a small quantity is needed. Some people will prefer to use it in higher quantities before having a shower.

As they are no conservatives into the product, we recommend to use it before a year. When using the product, please always do it with clean hands or a clean spatula.

This balm is following Dermolia's ethics. The quality of the ingredient is the most important. Simple recipes with greats ingredient makes our brand.

The aluminium boxes are built in France. This to reduce the carbon footprint.

This balm is a perfect combination with Dermolia olive oil soaps. With the use of Dermolia soaps, your dry skin impression will be reduced and your skin will never ask as much as balm as before.


2 ingredients:

  2. CERA ALBA**

*Organic olive oil virgin extra – Catalonia - Spain (12/2017)

*Organic beeswax – Tessin - Switzerland (BioHonig Sauter)