CERCLE DE DERMOLIA®: 20% superfat - 80g

SFr. 8

Soap for thick hair or sensitive skin 20% surgras, 100% extra virgin olive oil, ideal for shampoos for thick hair or to alternate with 10% surgras or 15% surgras soaps for daily showers. Suitable for the face.

Cold soap elaboration.

80g (subjetc to drying)

See here the advice for use

Below, the ingredients as well as the calculation of the average kilometer that our toilettry soap made when it left our laboratory in Zurich.

Superfat: 20% English INCI Organic Origine % composition (Fabrication) Km
Composition extra virgin olive oil OLEA EUROPAEA OIL  YES Malagon, Ciudad Real, Spain
76.27 1743
Water + NaOH AQUA + SODIUM HYDROXYDE NA Zürich, Suisse & Lleida, Lleida, Spain 23.73 412.87
Average km carried out leaving the laboratory in Zürich*   1’427.36

 * For reference: this is ≈ 6 times less than a Swiss soap made with palm or coconut oil, and ≈ 2.4 times less than a Swiss soap containing 30% coconut oil. Before buying a soap, ask yourself this question!

We also produce household soaps for the complete maintenance of your home. This will prevent you from buying any type of household product.

Ingredient Details

Fabriqué par Dermolia à Zürich: plus de détails

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